Welcome to the Turkey Farmers

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Welcome to the Turkey Farmers of Ontario

Turkey Farmers of Ontario is a farmer-led organization that promotes animal care and an efficient innovative marketing system for the industry to make turkey a healthy and regular choice for Canadian consumers. Located in Kitchener, Ontario, the organization represents approximately 160 turkey farmers across the province. We are proud of this producer-run, producer-funded organization that has been achieving success in the turkey industry for over 50 years.

Enjoy the great taste of turkey more often, with less time and hassle than you think. It’s as simple as picking up some fresh parts or ground turkey at your local supermarket and preparing one of our quick and delicious recipes. Our recipe site is your home for everything turkey with not only great recipes, but also nutritional info and tips on preparing turkey for the oven or BBQ.

Please Note: Turkey Farmers of Ontario is the organization that represents the farmers and does not sell turkeys. Please contact us to receive a supplier list for purchasing turkey and turkey products.

We’re proud to offer a virtual visit to one of our turkey farms. You can see how they care for their birds, what a turkey barn looks like and learn more about turkey production.

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